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Frequently asked questions from our esteemed clients and community

We certify virtually all countries of the world with exception of Australia. Australian clients are advised to contact a Justice of Peace, Legal Practitioners or other people allowed to certify documents in Australia.

All other clients are advised to upload their documents with their IDs for one of of our lawyers to review, and certify your documents for a small fee.

Various types of official papers/documents, such as contracts, agreements, legal documents, academic transcripts, certifications, and others, can be certified online by our experienced lawyers. Our technology is compatible with a wide range of file formats (e.g. PDF; PNG), enabling you to authenticate the majority of commonly used document types.

You may contact us during Australian Sydney time business hours

You may also contact us on our encrypted chat online on our website

We prioritize security and use industry-standard encryption and secure protocols to safeguard your documents throughout the certification process. Our platform ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of your sensitive information.

While certified documents carry a higher level of credibility and authenticity, their legal binding status may depend on specific legal requirements and jurisdictions. It's essential to consult with legal professionals to determine the legal validity of certified documents in your specific context.

Simple answer is yes we do.

Yes, we do this without stress. When loading your file onto our database and registering, please choose the language you wish your documents to be certified. We will certify the document in the language of your choice, other than English

Yes, we can certify bulky documents. In this case, it is better you discuss with our sales department, or send us email through

We can also do this on your behalf for a fee. We prefer documents lodged with us to be sent back electronically through our secured databases.

Yes, it is possible. Just call us during our business hours on the telephone listed on our website. We will be happy to talk with you. Better still, you may contact us via our live chat session on our website.

The simple answer is yes. All documents certified by us can easily be verified by third parties by clicking on the verified bar code link, with unique number on the footer of each verified document by us.